Our Philosophy

We have a belief in our grooming that every dog should be loved and treated as they were one of our own. and in most cases our clients and their dogs do become part of our families. So when we say our Clients are FurrLife we truly mean it!

Meet the Team

We are family owned and operated from the inside out. We treat all of our clients as if they were our family! We want to give you the experience for both you and your pet that is both enjoyable and customized just for you. We were established in 2015 but have been in the community a combined almost 40 years. Meet our Team!


Jennifer Anderson

CEO/Groomer since 1993

Jennifer has been in the industry over 27 years professionally. but her love of animals has been there since the day she was born. she grew up with grandparents that raised and showed boxers and a mother that raised Collies and Great Danes. There are Many childhood memories she has of spending a summer day over at a neighbors brushing out and bathing their dogs in their front yards, so it was only natural for that love and passion fro grooming she had expanded into her adulthood. Jen graduated from Twin Cities School of Pet Grooming back in 93'. After that she spent the next few years grooming show poodles, cairn terriers, schnauzers and menagerie of other breeds. She helped establish the grooming departments for Pet Food Warehouse in Minnetonka and Brooklyn park back in 94'/95' And enjoyed every second of it. But owning her own place was always her dream, which finally became possible in 2015 when FurrLife was born. and to be able to work alongside her family has become such a blessing to be able to share her love and passion of grooming to her children. Jen also as of 2019 is a certified Canine Massage Therapist.


Hallie Anderson

CFO/Groomer since 2014

Hallie has been grooming with her mother since she graduated in 2014. She is Jens Oldest Daughter and has been with FurrLife since the beginning, and has been a Canine Massage Therapist since 2017. Hallie lives with her fiancé Nick and they have 3 dogs Luna(American Eskimo), Chunk(French Bulldog), Winston( Australian Shepard Mix) and 3 cats Tubbs, Felix and Bob. Grooming and Massage Therapy has become  Hallies' joy and passion just like her mother, and couldn't imagine her life any other way.


Caitlyn Anderson

Apprentice/Bather since 2018

Caitlyn began her journey here in 2018. She has worked her way up from being a bather to now working in on honing in her grooming skills as an apprentice here. She has 2 cats named Steve and Bynx, a mastiff named Una and two Spotted Draft Horses name Warrior and Lilly. she is Jens Middle daughter so her love of animals also started at the very beginning. Caitlyn grew up showing Saint Bernards, mastiffs and frenchies. so it was only natural that one day she would follow in her mothers footsteps. Caitlyn has also been a Canine Massage Therapists since 2019


Travis Anderson

Bather since 2018

Travis started grooming here in 2018 part-time as he finished high-school. Then he began his fulltime journey here after he graduated in 2019. Travis has a huge love of animals and cars. He has one dog named Anya who is a Frenchie. He likes to spend his free time tinkering on his vehicles and playing video games with his dog.


Madison Poindexter

Bather since 2020

Madi officially Started at FurrLife early in 2020, but she has been part of the FurrLife Family long before then. She is currently a fulltime student at the U of M for early childhood education but continues to continue her joy of animals by working at FurrLife. Madi owns a Frenchie named Patrick that she takes to dog shows regularly and loves to continue her love of obedience and training with him.