Toe Nail Dremeling $15

We accommodate trimming for nails.

Toe Nail Trim $10

We accommodate trimming nails on dogs, cats, and some small animals

Self Service $20-$25

We provide the tub, shampoo, conditioner, and towels. you bathe and dry your dog, and we will clean up all the mess. small dogs self serves are $20 and Large dog self serves are $25. for giant dogs (ex. Saint Bernard, Great Pyrenees, Newfoundlands) who use excessive shampoo there may be an additional charge for more product.

Anal Gland Expression (externally) $10

We only express anal glands externally. And we will not express anal glands on large dogs unless requested or if necessary because your dog is not expressing t naturally. As it can be harmful to express large dogs anal glands

Ear Cleaning $10

We charge $10 cleaning the ears and if you require needing the ears plucked as well we can accommodate you.

Massage Therapy

We are Canine Massage Therapists as well as groomers. This allows for us to understand your dogs wellbeing on a totally different level. by being massage therapists we have the capabilities to help with physical and mental difficulties that dogs can experience. For more information on Massage therapy visit our therapy page.

Mini Sessions(approx. 30 min) $30

Full Sessions (approx. 1 Hour) $50